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AgentVegan Site

AgentVegan was created mainly to make it easy and fun for everyone to try and start adding vegan meals to their everyday lives. If you are 100% vegan, that’s great. It’s also totally cool if you have a vegan meal just a few times per week.

AgentVegans site is mainly a store for non-cooled vegan products. More than that, it´s a great source for vegan recipes and it has a blog for everything related to vegan meals and environmentally good products and recipes.

My role was UX- and UI-design for the whole site. I also photograph products, ingredients and food. I participated in filming for the crazy youtube-channel connected to AgentVegan, which features Elena, a cold war spy who mysteriously shows up in our time here and now. In her secret bunker she cooks secret vegan recipes for us.

This is a project by John Doe Invest, parent company for AgentVegan.

Michael Åman © 2023.