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About me

I would like to say that I am a social, easy-going, fun, but serious person. I take everyday photos to capture moments, enjoy listening to music, and get inspired by films and series. To travel and discover new places is great.

I am an experienced and passionate UI/UX designer with the skills to take on any new exciting project. In my work, I provide clients with everything from concept design to prototypes. Problem-solve and communicate with stakeholders. Creates great-looking user journeys, easy-to-use interfaces, logical interaction design, and beautiful visual design. It is all about giving the user a great experience.

In addition, I have experience working with design systems, being part of an agile team, communicating design, and being a great colleague. I do my best for the clients so that they can succeed.

I work at Nexer Maverick and do not do any freelance work at this time.


I do not do any freelance work at this time, but you can

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