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Psychological defence agency – Full site design

Art direction & UI/UX-Design for
EmployerNexer MaverickYear2023 - 2024AssignmentArt direction, UI/UX-Design, interviews, digital adaptation of brand guidelines, WCAG compliance.

Psychological defence agency

The Swedish Agency for Psychological Defense is part of the total defense of Sweden and should strengthen the resilience of the Swedish people against misleading information. The project team at Nexer had already delivered the temporary public site two years ago and also their brand-new intranet solution. Now we took on the fully fledged public site project.

A new site for the government agency

The assignment was to create a public site for the newly founded government agency. A temporary site had already been launched two years earlier. The goal was to enable the population, authorities, and other actors to increase their resilience and be a hub for relevant research and skills development.

We discussed the present situation, purpose, and goal of the agency’s first attempt at a fully grown site. The team interviewed key personnel within the agency and representatives for the target groups (Media, general population, and researchers).

Working with a government agency

The existing graphic profile had to be adapted to an online presence with tweaks to colors, type scale, and image manners. I thought long and hard to find the right expression and tone of voice for the site. I searched for inspiration from all kinds of other sites and services. I finally figured that the look could be Scandinavian-clean, with modern lightness, and unconcerned elegance in the graphical interface but warm, inclusive, and intimate in the pictures. This way we could stand out against other government sites and be welcoming and accessible in our tone.

In close collaboration with the agency, we finally arrived at a candidate. It seemed to fulfill the target vision of accessibility, pride, security, relevance, and inclusion.

The design solution had to be adapted to the Sitevision system and its templates. I occasionally challenged this while still staying within what was achievable.

Government satisfaction

Yes, they were happy with the result. As a team, there was a good spirit and a sense of good purpose in what we were doing, and that made this a good project. This was a huge responsibility that ended well. I think the good personal relationship I had with the agency’s project manager and the constant quick meetings we had made everything flow smoothly. I also found that making the customer feel that I am there to make them thrive is important.

The site is now launched. Visit

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