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Volvo Pay

UI/UX-design for a Volvo payment solution
EmployerNexer MaverickYear2021 - presentAssignmentUI/UX-design for Volvo Pay. It features a back end tool for Volvo dealers to send out payments from. The other part is the payment flow for the customer who is paying.

Volvo Pay

Volvo Pay is a payment system for Volvo Trucks, Renault Trucks, and Mack Trucks. It can also be used in an e-commerce context as a payment method for Volvo-related sites. My part of the work would soon extend beyond web related design.

Payment system for Volvo Group

When I joined the project, a customer-facing payment flow and a back-end merchant tool already existed. It uses tailwind UI as a foundation. In the merchant tool, payment requests were sent out via email. When truck owners followed the payment link they were taken through a payment process. The back-end merchant tool was in a good state, but the customer-facing payment process had a very dated look. I took it upon myself to renew this alongside the day-to-day improvements we worked on.

Always more to do

We are a whole team from Nexer in collaboration with Volvo group. In the payment system, functionalities were constantly added and tweaked, both on the back-end side and the front-end payment process side. This work required good knowledge of interaction design. I completely redesigned the UI for the payment process to match a modern Volvo group look. The team was onboard with the updated look and complete design flows were made and developed. Adaptations were later also made to make it fit in an e-commerce flow since Volvo Pay was to be used in the Volvo construction equipment marketplace.

We also created prototypes of a customer portal where Volvo customers could log in and have an overview of all their transactions through Volvo pay. A bit similar to Klarna, but simpler. Technical limitations made this route hard to pursue, it is now paused.

I helped Volvo by creating user journeys and process journeys that explained processes in an easy and nice-looking way. This helped them explain processes to others. I was also invited to Volvo Financial Services headquarters in North Carolina, USA, to make more of these flows on the spot with their experts.

After a while, I was suddenly also added to another project called One Account, where I did sketch work for this new Volvo portal. I was now in two Volvo projects. One account aims to be a hub for Volvo-related invoices and payments. It is also looking to offer financing, which is a lucrative business. Here I was also invited to travel to Brussels to take part and listen in on stakeholder discussions for this project.

Remote work is fine

Remote teamwork works fine. Team members are situated in Göteborg, Malmö, Stockholm, Bangalore, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and North Carolina. It just works, if you want it to.

I worked with several team members and stake holders in this project with different views on how things should be done. Somehow we managed to align with all of them in the end. It takes patience and good communication.

I take with me the experience of the long discussions we have had within the team. Different opinions and views eventually agreed. I especially liked the work that was put in on the process journeys. Travelling was of course an unexpected highlight.

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